Why Investors love Cambodia?

Trade and Investment
Cambodia has seen influx of foreign direct investment and also pickup in import / export activities especially in the last decade. Located at the gateway between India and China, Cambodia probably provide investors the last frontier marketing in South East Asia.

Since 1999, Cambodia has experience 8.2% GDP growth on average which is the highest in South East Asia, especially with political stability and stable exchange rate as cambodia adopts USD.
Investors love cambodia for various reasons:
  • Political stabiltity with Prime Minister Hun Sen in power for 30 years since 1985.
  • Favorable investment and business policy
  • part of ASEAN, thus promoting trade integration
  • improve transport connectivity
  • Ease of fund transfer
  • Rising buying power among growing middle class local cambodian
  • under supply for accomodations
  • entry of foreign companies and MNCs.

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